The Comfort of Bowling Shoes

Bowling shoes are shoes specifically designed to be worn when bowling. In any bowling alley you go to, you will need to take off any outside shoes and rent a pair of bowling shoes for the day before they will allow you to play. Bowling shoes are designed to be light and comfortable. They should be flexible enough that even people with slightly wide or long feet should be able to walk around comfortably and bowl. What sets bowling shoes apart from other sports that tend to have specialized shoes or cleats (golf, baseball, football, etc) is that the soles of bowling shoes are designed so that they are extremely smooth. This allows players to move easily on the alley, and to be able to take a few steps, toss the ball, and follow through without fear of tripping or stumbling. Beyond that, they are also extremely comfortable to allow for an amiable day.

Most bowling shoes are cushioned to provide extra comfort, and much of the bowling shoe is made of flexible material such as various rubbers and flexible micro fibers. Comfort is one of the main concerns, and the proper bowling shoe should allow a slight slide in the player’s follow through. While bowling alleys offer all sorts of bowling shoes in a huge array of sizes, many individuals who are more than just casual bowlers prefer to have bowling shoes of their own. This may also be true of people who are just casual bowlers, but don’t like the idea of using public shoes. While bowling alleys will always use disinfectant, the idea still bothers some people and that’s why they’ll look to buy their own bowling shoes even if bowling is an irregular activity for them.

Most casual bowlers don’t know that bowling shoes are actually very specifically designed, and if you go to get custom made bowling shoes, you should inform the manufacturer of whether you are a left or right handed bowler. The reason for this is that each of the two individual shoes in a pair of bowling shoes acts in a different way. One of the shoes is designed for sliding, which allows for a proper motion and follow through, and the other is for stopping, or braking. Which shoe serves which purpose depends directly on whether the bowler is right handed or left handed. You can’t buy the appropriate pair of custom made bowling shoes without this information.

Bowling shoes can be bought with virtually any color or design: these days about anything you want as far as design can be put onto a bowling shoe. Just remember, that if you decide to buy your own bowling shoes they do require a great amount of care and maintenance. The shoes need to be checked regularly to ensure that they remain in good condition. As long as you are up to the task, your own pair of bowling shoes can be a very worthwhile investment whether you’re a league competitor or the casual enthusiast.